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Baker's Cottage Mooncake 2020


Baker’s Cottage’s mooncakes have been in production since 1994, and rank among the best mooncake labels in Malaysia. This is because of the premium quality ingredients, and the highest hygiene standard and advance technology used to maintain the authentic traditional taste.

We fill our mooncakes with the finest Hunan lotus seeds from China’s Hunan, as well as top-grade halal egg yolks and the freshest ingredients – all baked in cholesterol-free cooking oil. Savour every bite with ease of mind as there are no added ingredients (100% lotus seeds) and no added preservatives.

Our new, innovative mooncake flavours use delicious ingredients like green tea, pumpkin and salted egg Jingsa to suit customers’ palates. Other than the traditional varieties, we offer Snow Skin and vegetarian mooncakes as well.

All our mooncakes are Halal certified and strictly conform to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, ISO 22000 food safety management system and HACCP international food safety standard. To top it off, our mooncakes are of export quality and can be proudly found in the Singaporean, Indonesian, Vietnamese and many other Southeast Asian markets.

Our mooncakes are now available at our outlets. Currently, we have 61 retail outlets throughout Malaysia and are aggressively expanding our new-concept outlets, with many planned for opening by year end.

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